Keen on having an aesthetic treatment but, for personal or professional reasons, it’s difficult for you to travel to a clinic? Don’t worry. Face&Co has crafted a solution with your ultimate convenience in mind.

One of our trained doctors can come to your home at a time that suits you and perform the treatment. Some of the more advanced treatments can only be conducted in a clinic, but your doctor will confirm this with you during your consultation.

Can I Have a Consultation at Home?

You can have a consultation at home or in a clinic. One of our doctors will come to you after we have confirmed the time and date for your consultation.

What Should I Expect From My Consultation?

During your consultation, the doctor will discuss the areas you’d like to target, your desired improvements and the best treatment options for your specific needs. You should feel 100% confident in the chosen treatment for your desired look.

Is It Safe to Have Aesthetic Treatments at Home?

Most aesthetic treatments are safe to be conducted at home. This includes several of the simpler treatments, such as anti-wrinkle treatments, as long as the patient is in a clean, sterilised environment.

What Treatments Can I Have Done at Home?

This is the current list of treatments that can be administered at home:

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • 1 Area
  • 2 Areas
  • 3 Areas

Dermal Fillers

  • Lip Fillers
  • Cheek Fillers
  • Jawline Fillers
  • Chin Fillers
  • Non-Surgical Nose Job
  • Face&Co Signature Face Lift
  • Hand Fillers
  • Nasolabial Fold Filler
Are There Any Home Requirements?

After you’ve booked, we will call to ask some questions regarding your home environment. We will be asking if you have a reasonably sized room, as it needs to be big enough to accommodate the portable treatment couch. There also needs to be somewhere for the doctors to wash their hands.

If you have small children, it’s best that they are not in or can be looked after. This is because there may be instruments present that can cause harm. The same goes for pets. Pets need to be placed in a separate room so that the environment is fully protected.

Do I Need to Do Anything Prior to My Home Treatment?

You’ll need to make sure that your room is clear for the doctors to be able to move efficiently while conducting your treatment. It’s also advised that you remove any make-up prior to your appointment. To reduce the impact of bruising, you can also follow these tips:

Do not take ibuprofen on the morning of your treatment
Do not consume too much alcohol the day before your treatment
It is best that you are not menstruating on the day of your treatment

Who Will Come to Administer the Treatments?

One of our doctors will come to your home to administer the treatments. We only ever use specially trained aesthetic doctors. That includes dedicated aesthetic practice and previous experience as a medical practitioner.

Are Treatments at Home More Expensive?

No. It costs exactly the same to receive treatments at home as it does to receive treatments in our clinic.

What Areas of Cheshire Do You Service?

Our at-home service covers all of Cheshire, the Wirral and parts of North Wales. If you’d like more specific information, please contact us on 01244 757525

Is There an Age Limit for Aesthetic Treatments at Home?

Our doctors will not treat anyone below the age of 18. All customers should be over the age of 18 before booking their consultation. However, in special cases, where there is a clear medical condition, one of our doctors will consult with the parent or guardian to discuss treatment options.

Can Anyone Get a Treatment?

Most people over the age of 18 will be able to get an aesthetic treatment. However, the doctor will discuss any potential restrictions in your consultation. For instance, some medications, such as warfarin, may interfere with certain treatments and some treatments may not be suitable for people with severe skin conditions.

Is There an Aftercare Procedure I’ll Need To Follow?

During your consultation, the doctor will discuss the best treatment options for you and the before and aftercare. The majority of our treatments require minimal before and aftercare, such as no make-up until the following day to prevent the risk of infection.

Are There Any Risks to Getting a Treatment at Home?

As long as the patient is in a clean, controlled environment and the skin is properly sterilised, it is very unlikely that they will suffer from any serious risks. An experienced doctor will be on hand to deal with any adverse reactions.

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